Students of Security Studies at College “Logos Centre" visited SIPA

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Published on 6.6.2016. u 13:30h

In accordance with the signed Agreement on Cooperation between the State Investigation and

Protection Agency (SIPA) and College "Logos Centre" Mostar, on June 02, 2016., students of study program Security Studies, visited SIPA. About 40 students, accompanied by the head of the study program, professor, Ph.D. Maida Pajević, had the opportunity to meet with the organizational structure, responsibilities and the role that SIPA has in the security system of BiH, and they were presented with the results of work in the past period and other facts related to SIPA's effective functioning.

Students also visited the base of Special Support Unit, where they were presented with the work and role of the elite units in combat against the most complex forms of crime, and they were shown some of the weapons and other equipment which the unit has. Also, they attended the tactical demonstration exercises, training of service dogs in police tactics, have tried their hand in shooting sim weapons, and an appropriate competition was organized.

Representatives of the college "Logos Centre" expressed their gratitude for the reception and welcoming, and it was concluded that the visit was very successful and highly beneficial.

This kind of cooperation is especially important because a large number of students are interested in starting their employment in SIPA after graduation.

College "Logos Centre" and SIPA continue their cooperation, according to the signed inter-institutional bilateral agreement, which determines that the two institutions will cooperate indefinitely in terms of visits, participation in training, training, conferences, projects, round tables and other forms of cooperation.


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