"Logos Center" College Student Doing an International Internship in Greece

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Published on 28.4.2017. u 10:20h

Duje Ružičić, student at the “Logos Center” College Mostar is doing an international internship in Athens (Greece) in collaboration with the international network AIESEC. Duje is a Design study program student at study course Graphic Design, and he chose the internship in his field of interest.

In order to become elected for this internship, Duje passed the interview with EP Managers in charge of the Exchange Practice of AIESEC in Mostar, as well as the local office of AIESEC in Athens, and he was admitted for the internship lasting for six weeks starting from July 1, 2017.

The aim of this project is acquiring global perspectives and embracing intercultural values, expanding students’ cultures, experiences and languages and accepting others. The majority of work presents the graphic design of students from countries all around the world in order to enhance the abilities of interns in work and communication. This internship offers the ability of developing skills needed in the future professional work of student.


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