International Bilateral Agreement Signed with IES de Teis IT College in Spain

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Published on 28.4.2017. u 10:21h

After the visit of the “Logos Center” College Mostar representatives to the higher education institution IES de Teis in Vigo, Spain, in November 2016. (Link:, the negotiation on the international collaboration between these two institutions continued.

The negotiations were concluded by signing the Agreement on International Collaboration which sets the principles of the future activities as: students and staff exchange, organizing study visits, summer schools, roundtable discussions, improving curriculums and other ways of mutual collaborations.

As the first step of this collaboration, the signing of Erasmus + Agreement on Mobility of the “Logos Center” College Mostar Students is  planned for this week, in order to implement the exchange of four students from the study program Information Technologies for the summer semester of the current 2016/2017 academic year.   


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