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College "Logos centar" in Mostar


"Logos centar" College Mostar is an innovative, entrepreneurial and dynamic higher education institution, which establishes new rules, a new paradigm, and a new concept of modern higher education in BiH for generations, to reflect on their entrepreneurial life and business career. Thus organized a modern and flexible study with teaching plans and programs do not suffer classical quality, but provides that every individual has the opportunity to unleash their creative and innovative potential, in a way that they recognize their business opportunity and take advantage of it.

Our task is to conduct the education of the highest class, and so establish as a education center for the most responsible job which one can accept, and that is to accept the responsibility for the education of coming generations, so as to create new value in the labor market, applicable to business practices in relation to others who do not want or do not know, and in accordance with this we act extremely conscientious and responsible.



Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to invite you to attend the 10th edition of the International Week of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, which will take placeb...

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Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to invite you to attend the 10th edition of the International Week of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, which will take placeb...

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Published 12.3.2024. - 10:01h 
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Why choose Logos?

Studying at Logos you have the opportunity to explore and learn from top experts in the field of economy, transport, energetics, safety at work, fire protection, security and criminology, law and finance, information technology and design. Our teachers, staff and experts share their knowledge with you, every day.

College Logos Centre is an accredited institution whose curricula comply with high international standards and whose diplomas are internationally recognized. Here you can gain experience with which you have an advantage in the labour market. Practical work is carried out in our companies, but also companies around the world. We constantly monitor global trends that we proved by the introduction of studies in English and introducing DL, distance learning.

10 reasons why Logos

1. We are an accredited institution of higher education;
2. We have created the best material and technical conditions for the work of higher education institution modelled on similar institutions in the EU;
3. We have experts with extensive experience in higher education and in general in the work with students;
4. Our teaching staff has the knowledge, creativity and technical expertise to create study programs of high level, recognized as innovative in the community;
5. Because we are able to help you to master the study program that you choose and gain an advantage in business over those candidates who have completed other studies;
6. Our programs will allow you to properly highlight your achievements and professional skills and thus will increase the chance that you be contacted by employers for the job you want;
7. Because we have proven in previous projects as successful business people throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighbouring countries;
8. We are not dependent on the quota of students, and tuition from students;
9. We have no competition, which forces us to quantity;
10. Because we are simply the best, as evidenced by the results of achieved work.

What is distance learning?

The constant pursuit of progress and innovation in the field of education enabled us that in the provision of knowledge and skills of students of our college we always take one step forward and more.

We have introduced Distance Learning, because we believe that distance learning is the learning of the future.

For distance learning the ambitious and hard-working people are opting to, ones who do not allow that the lack of time or space limitations hinder learning.

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Diploma acquired at Logos is a sure proof of your knowledge

Diploma acquired at Logos is the official confirmation of your knowledge and internationally recognized document that lets you improve your position in the labour market, increase the chances for career advancement and also create a basis for further training. Acquisition of the official certificates confirms that you have a real, profitable skills and knowledge. In relation to colleagues who do not have this proof of his expertise, priority in employment or running a business is great. At the same time, the skills that you get obtaining the title are very real. It's not in the paper, but in the fact that the acquisition of academic titles implies that you have a real capability that is highly profitable.

Diploma Supplement - all your skills in one place

With a degree acquired at Logos, which you get after successfully completing the studies, you will receive a diploma supplement that details all the subjects that you have passed on Logos. And if you want, with this addition, you can get the effect that you have made in each subject, expressed in percentage.

This important document represents a proof of knowledge and skills that you have acquired during studies and excellent qualifications for potential employers and that will point out to them everything you know to do.


Today, every employer who holds up to his reputation from the candidate in the competition for the job, in addition to technical knowledge, demands also practical experience. On the other hand, that turns out to be the biggest problem for most people. Many end up with no training days of practice. We thought of that. We want our students to be able to immediately after the acquisition of diploma at Logos find a job, build a successful career and earn well. We insist on working in small groups, carrying out practical assignments, study visits to the leading public and private institutions etc.

Teachers, experts and consultants with real achievements in their fields, ready to share them with you

Among the lecturers there are PhDs, masters and specialists. The result is a proven and profitable experience which we share with you. If you look at the beginnings of the careers of many successful professionals, you will see that most often they had the privilege of working with people who are already successful in the same area. Take the opportunity to learn a lot from these people.

What do we offer to our students?

We offer expertise, professionalism, interaction, fulfillment, built personal attitude and satisfaction.

Written like this it seems difficult and impossible, but remember - the secret is in the attitude!
• I want it (because it's important)
• I can do it (or will learn)
• I know (or will learn what I do not know)


Education at this institution will allow you to have a built personal position and that as a person you want to achieve a higher goal, what you have achieved so far is good and acceptable, but there are more levels.

With desire to achieve that higher level, search for different methods, a review of existing knowledge, repeating steps such as teaching and research, refocusing, cooperation and imminent availability, you will become a professional (in life and / or work).


The acquired knowledge and skills of business planning, negotiation, presentation, business literacy, foreign languages (business discourse) and business ethics are essential for our students.

After graduating, students will be educated on how to be immediately well received at work, to pursue quality relationships and execute their work tasks without difficulties and obstacles of any kind.

Students will be qualified for the work they do, with the social skills by which they manage to maintain good relations, these people will be the value of the company for which they work and rewarded with a recognition that they deserve.


Classes in small study groups based on problem-oriented case studies and geared to the needs and development of the individual student, teaching that encourages students to be active, motivating them to continuous personal engagement in the teaching process.

Built personal attitude

Many institutions consider the written confirmation of expertise as a sufficient proof that you are a professional (and many individuals also), but we don’t think so, but we have to notice and say that life and learned information are not just business. Business is only a part of life.

The question that would be good to ask yourself is - Who will write a confirmation that you are an expert in your life? The attitude for which we stand at college "Logos Centre" in Mostar, for which we are trying to adopt, is to understand that continuous improvement, focused work, learning, reviewing, awareness and ultimately persistence are necessary in achieving the desired goal.


Acquiring knowledge through demanding, but also interesting and exciting process that with the creative enthusiasm pervades both students and teachers.