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We have acquired a name in the field of education, both secondary and higher education in BiH and abroad, and our mission, that we set as a long term, is "Logos centar" College in Mostar, held as a respectable institution of higher education, known and recognized as a high- quality and professional institution in these program areas: Criminalistics, Security, Road Traffic, Business Economy and Information Technology, and the newly opened program areas: Design, Energetic, Safety at Work and Fire Protection, which will be performed at the 2013./2014. academic year.

Aware of the fact that we do a responsible job, which primarily aims to protect and improve human life, all of our actions must be funneled through the given prism. We exist to do a positive impact on society as a whole, doing people's lives better, through an innovative and high-quality education. Education in this institution of higher education is to enable our graduates to possess the required knowledge, clear thinking, articulate and effectiveness in solving the tasks set before them in business practice.

Above all, we emphasize our ability to educate staff that will be able to provide service at the highest professional level, and our action is based on the quality education that will enable our graduates to achieve cult benefits, economic growth, environmental quality, and social and personal well-being.

There is no need in our country, with our staff, to acquire knowledge that is not innovative, and high qualitative, we will not allow it.

Style is important, all of our students have to look neat and polite, by our code, and otherwise, they will not be able to be a part of our academic community.


Changes in the existing education system are required or necessary, as the system does not fully meet the needs of students and does not prepare them well for the challenges they will encounter in their future practical application of theoretical knowledge acquired. So far only a small number of educational institutions in the region accepted the challenge of progress and modernization of the educational system. We are the forerunner of the time to come in higher activity, because the old way of studying is not practice, for the simple reason that is not competitive in the labor market.

Primarily for this reason, we consider it necessary to establish a higher education institution with an interesting study programs in which would be developed modern standards of quality and professionalism, so that the next generation of students receive an education that will prepare them for the challenges they will encounter in business practices.

Since the future of the "Logos centar" College Mostar is based on knowledge, imagination, team work abilities and integrity of our employees, we value very high quality referred to the highest ethical standards and integrity.

We are accountable to our students, prospective customers-consumers of our services, our employees, and the wider community, our interactions with all segments of society-customers, suppliers, government and the public opinion-must maintain our high standards.

We expect profits, but profits from the business of education, which is a function of humanity and the development of higher education in BiH. Meeting the needs of students first above all other interests, and good application of this knowledge in practice makes "Logos centar" College in Mostar great.

Integrativity knows no compromise: to be fair, consistent and correct, are the determinants that lead to a full meeting their goals.

We will know how to use in the appropriate manner in process of education the "golden rule" that will apply to partners, students and staff, and this is a team effort, with the note that says thinks like "we," not like "I".

The possibility of rapid integration of graduates in the European and world trends

The goal of the "Logos centar" College Mostar is education of staff needed in the field of higher education in BiH with the introduction of the latest methods in the teaching process, which is applied by renowned colleges in the EU in their study programs: Criminalistics, Security, Road Traffic, Business Economy and Information Technology, and the newly opened study programs: Design, Energetic, Safety at Work and Fire Protection, which will be performed at the 2013./2014. academic year.

Tasks arising from the objectives of the "Logos centar" College in Mostar, and provided the approved curriculum studies are providing relevant theoretical and practical knowledge, abilities and skills in the areas of activity in order to enable graduates to quickly integrate into the European and global flows, cultural, technological and educational.

High aims of higher education institutions, are reflected in the following:
- Establish, develop, protect and transfer knowledge and skills through teaching and research work, therefore to contribute to the development of the capacities of individuals and society as a whole
- Provide an opportunity for citizens, in accordance with regulations to enjoy the benefit of higher education all their life
- Provide access to academic freedom, academic autonomy
- Ensure openness of College to the public, the citizens and the local community
- Ensure the integrity of the teaching and scientific research,
- Ensure the respect of European humanistic and democratic values, and harmonization with the European system of higher education
- Ensure the respect of human rights and civil liberties, including the prohibition of all forms of discrimination
- Ensure the concept of lifelong education
- Change interact with the community and commitment to develop students' social responsibility and other members of the academic community
- Offer innovation, practical work and quality education that will enhance the students' way of thinking and enable their faster response to different situations, increase their confidence and willingness to professionally take a responsibility.