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Invitation for EFRI International Business Workshops

Invitation for EFRI International Business Workshops (EFRI IBW) which will take place between May 14- May 20 2018. at Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka

EFRI International Business Workshops (EFRI IBW) are completely performed in English, due to the fact that in implementing the program of lifelong learning students who are participating are of the European Union and beyond. Upon completion of lifelong learning program, participants receive a certificate with the corresponding 6 credits and a certificate of IB & M program.

Several -day program (6 days) is consisted of 4 modules that successfully contribute to the generation of additional knowledge for the participants in the field of international business, business / international negotiation and it is performed through lectures, workshops and implementation of preparatory task.

This is not only educational, but also entertaining content with which the students were extremely satisfied. EFRI IBW is held between May 14- May 20, 2018 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka.

Students who are interested, can get all information related to the application for the EFRI sending an e-mail to the address:

Materials and more information can be found at:




Published 13.3.2018. aA 11:28h