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Road Traffic

Need for trained personnel for road traffic are arising primarily from the strategic choices of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the functioning and development of transport, based on a high international level, and it is necessary to include Bosnia and Herzegovina, the international division of labor and integration into international integrations and the use of comparative advantages of geographical position. Towards this end, in the last few years, it has adopted several laws and legislation, and signed several bilateral and multilateral agreements, which deal with the problems of traffic.

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Road Traffic

Idea of introducing traffic study program, study direction Road Traffic, should be viewed only as the aspiration of a founder to do qualitatively new step in the development in the direction of better and more completely meeting the needs of the community for the corresponding profile of the personnel that are now all the more obvious and imposing order in HN Canton and in surrounding cantons and other parts of the country.

If we observe the study of Traffic Engineering "Logos centar" College Mostar is researching the transport phenomena in the field of traffic technology and recognizing the need for the establishment and validation of quality in the field of action.

Scientific and technological research in the field of traffic technology with scientific and applicative contributions must include an integrated system approach and formalized description of the studied system that was obtained using a systematic methodology. Especially important is to identify the interests groups which on the quality indicators defined and differentiated at the level of individual interest groups determine the quality of the transport system and services generated in the transport market.

Contribution of the work with students must clearly and unambiguously reflects connection of interests groups and definition of business excellence as their development strategy that integrates three aspects: technical aspects and efficiency, temporal harmony and reliability, and transportation safety and security. The classes must be defined actions in order to achieve business excellence in the field of traffic engineering.

In this sense, Road traffic Studies includes research, development, knowledge transfer and training of scientific and engineering talent of the traffic profile.

Degree: undergraduate professional studies
ECTS: 180/240
Duration: 6 semesters (3 years) / 8 semesters (4 years)
Proffesional name: Bachelor of Road Traffic
- Road Traffic with a total of 180 ECTS points.

Bachelor of Road Traffic
- Road Traffic with a total of 240 ECTS points.

Curriculum: Road Traffic - three-years study Road Traffic - four-year study


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