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Security Studies

To make either society successfully fight the scourge of terrorism must have adequate trained personnel in the field of security, which will be able to successfully deal with the problems that the Bosnia and Herzegovina faces.

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"Logos centar" College in Mostar is organizing the first (I) cycle of studies in three and four years study program: Security studies, Study course of Criminalistics.

Scientific goals of undergraduate studies of Criminalistics are to introduce students to new theoretical and practical developments, along with advances in the field of science and other disciplines, to which the curriculum draws and makes a theoretical and methodological correspondence and provides a relevant contribution to the understanding etiology and the definition of categories and issues that affect the scientific framework and meet the specified study.

Name of undergraduate study is a framework that provides students with the exact premise of scientific explanation of the phenomenon of security challenges, apropos, a combination of scientific and educational to scientific and researching aspects.

With the realization of scientific goals are realized and relevant social objectives, which should provide an important contribution to the further upgrading of students attending undergraduate. Thus, this study represents an important step forward, scientific and empirical guidance to eliminate gaps in the development and education of highly specialized personnel, for scientific research in the field of security. Also, criminalists have the knowledge to perform the most complex security issues in the public sector, such as: the Ministry of Security, the Security, Investigation and Protection Agency - SIPA, the Border Police of BiH, the Agency for foreigners, Forensics Agency, Support education and training Agency, the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies BiH, Indirect Taxation - ITA, the Intelligence and Security Agency - OSA BiH, Entity MI-VI (MUP MUP RS and FBiH) and others, as well as in the private sector (security agencies, detective agencies, etc). The government and the private sector criminalists can help with their gained knowledge to more efficient and effective countering and preventing in modern forms of criminality.

Therefore, education policy on scientific grounds, the designated undergraduate studies, implies scientific activity of the methodological and scientific-practical preparation to more efficient approach to the problems of security character, which directly or indirectly burdens the current security environment.

The idea of introducing the Criminalistics study course should be seen only as the founder of an aspiration to do qualitatively new step in the development in the direction of better and more completely meeting the needs of the community for the corresponding profile of the personnel that are now more obvious and imposing order in the HN Canton, and in the environment cantons, or other parts of the country.

To make either society successfully fight against these negative security phenomena it must have adequate trained personnel in the field of security, which will be able to successfully deal with the problems that the Bosnia and Herzegovina faces. Currently, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a deficit with qualified personnel as criminalists’ profile.

Degree: undergraduate proffesional studies
ECTS: 180/240
Duration: 6 semesters (3 years) / 8 semesters (4 years)
Proffesional name: Bachelor of Security with a total of 180 ECTS points

Bachelor of Security with a total of 240 ECTS points

Curriculum: Security - three-year study Security - four-year study

Criminalistics today, exceptionally has a national character, because universality of its scientific foundations and principles, its comparative and historical methods always give the common meaning and general international and universal features. Criminalistics operates from a position of independence and scientific criticism and looking at all the comparative data and scientific knowledge, which are not dependent on the specific circumstances in a particular country. Therefore, the Criminalistics is international, universal and optimally free of judgment. Because this rules of Criminalistics vary slightly in different countries.

General subject of scientific knowledge of Criminalistics is a crime understood in the colloquial sense of the word. Special item (object) of scientific knowledge of repressive Criminalistics is a criminal act. Subject of scientific knowledge of preventative Criminalistics is developing rules ante delictum to prevent crime.

Tasks of Criminalistics are systematic research on its case. Criminalistics as a practice has the task of optimizing the activity of investigating crime. It is focused on data, information, resources, tools and terms and collecting information of interest, therefore, it is based on the epistemological information content.

Scientific activity of Criminalistics is determined by its goal that is fighting crime. In achieving this goal, major role have a crime research methods and proving. Detection and investigation of facts in connection with a criminal act shall be conducted under the Criminalistics lege artis rules. Criminalistics, like every other science, applies both general and scientific methods, adjusted to their own needs and their own methods, special methods of Criminalistics. These are the specific scientific methods immanent only to Criminalistics. They are associated with a specific research Criminalistics topic, and that is the crime.

Degree: undergraduate proffesional studies
ECTS: 180/240
Duration: 6 semesters (3 years) / 8 semesters (4 years)
Proffesional name: Bachelor of kriminalistike with a total of 180 ECTS points

Bachelor of kriminalistike with a total of 240 ECTS points

Curriculum: Criminalistics - three-year study Criminalistics - four-year study


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