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Status of student in undergraduate studies, Security studies, the direction study of Security at the "Logos centar" College in Mostar is acquired by entering the appropriate year of study. Admissions are made on the basis of a tender.

The right to participate in the tender are those who have finished high school in BiH, which are psychologically capable of mastering the course content, as well as foreign nationals and apartheids who have completed secondary school abroad, following the recognition and equivalence of certificates of completed secondary education abroad.

Foreign citizens and apartheids shall be admitted to "Logos centar" College in Mostar, under the same conditions as nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina, if the international conventions and treaties otherwise determine.

The procedure of registration

The process of registration is conducted for all applicants who have, within the period prescribed by public competition for admission of students, completed the application for registration form using the Internet application or in person in written form completed matriculation certificate, application for admission, and have submitted all required documentation and paid the cost of enrollment materials, and the first installment of study costs.

Documents required for admission

Documents required for admission to the undergraduate program:
- Application for admission (picks up in the student services) or the College web site;
- Diploma of high school;
- Class of certificates, 1st to 4th year of high school;
- Recognition of graduating high school if completed outside of BiH;
- Birth Certificate;
- Certificate of Citizenship;
- Two photos 4 x 6;
- Proof of payment of the enrollment materials;
- Proof of payment 1st studies rate;
- The entry sheet (assume at the student services);
- Semester sheet (assume at the student services).

Additional documents are required for exceeding students from other higher education institutions:
- The index of the previous studies;
- Original transcript of previous studies grades (or a certified copy of the index), and photocopies of diplomas for students who have graduated;
- The transcript of previous studies in which the study program is not made public or is a program in which the student attended classes and passed the exam that no longer conducts.

Cost of study

"Logos centar" College in Mostar performs studies that are funded solely from its own resources of the institution. Cost of studies for the academic year is in total amount of 4.490,00 KM (2.296,60 EUR).

Students whose study expenses are paid by the employer, are required to submit a endorsement when enroll or decision on the studies payment by the employer and the payment of costs of studies carried out by the relevant invoice, schedule in consultation with the employer.

It is enabled to pay the costs of study in a maximum of ten (12) installments, to take exams from the semester of the academic year in which they are enrolled are eligible students, who have next to the obligations set out in the curriculum and programs paid costs of previous semester of study for the actual academic year.

Enrollment materials for this study program: enrollment list, Semi-list, the application for registration of the index, and membership in the library paid on registration in the amount of 50.00 KM.

Cost of study include:
- Lectures and exercises /seminars according to pre-determined curriculum,
- Exams and tests for specific subjects according to pre-determined program,
- The use of teaching and presentation equipment (computers, monitors, projectors, overhead projectors, etc.)
- Teaching materials (lecture summaries, scripts, lectures slides, assignments for practice, etc.)
- The use of computers in the office of Information technology and other teaching equipment,
- The costs of registration and management of the administration of students during the study,
- The use of multi-media center of the "Logos centar" College Mostar
- Remedial instruction in special cases, based on the decision of the director.

The cost of the study does not include:
- workbooks, notebooks and other similar accessories
- Commission exam
- Additional classes in the event that there is a need for it due to unjustified reasons (negligence students, unjustified absences, etc.)
- Damage that the student intentionally or negligently caused
- Insurance against accidents, unless specifically agreed.