Distance Learning

By the decision on approval number: 05-03-40-1440-1 / 16 the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of HNC on May 18,2016 gave its consent on the decision of the Senate of College "Logos Centre" in Mostar, No. 363-1 / 16 on March 05 2016., on enrolment of students in the first year, and by which the execution of distance learning was authorized, for study programs Road Traffic, Business Economics, Security Studies, Safety at Work and Fire Protection, Organizational Science, Energetics and Law and Finance .

Distance learning is a form of the educational process, and that due to the rapid development of information technology has taken a high place among the classical methods of education. By this method of learning students who work or have other commitments and are not able to fit in a classic integrated schedule into their schedule, can adjust lectures by themselves.

They choose the time and location of lectures by themselves, and classes can be monitored in that time and at that location that suits them and thus they can save time and achieve superior results.