Design is the art designing of objects for use. In everyday life, design is present all around us, and often we are not aware. In the ordinary use of the word design encompasses all industrial items of mass production and small batch products, furniture, clothing, graphic layout of magazine page, layout of the user on the computer screen, etc.

The goal of the Study program of Design in Mostar is education of personnel needed in the field of design in BiH, which is deficient. The aim is to approach modern, sought, professional study for our students from this region. “Logos centar” College in Mostar will ensure full cooperation with similar institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union, especially in terms of creating curriculum and school program. “Logos Center” in Mostar will educate staff in the field of design required for southeastern Europe.

The basic objective of the program is the education and training of personnel to carry out design work in all business structures.

Upon completion of these studies at the College, students will be able to independently design; students will acquire specific competencies in the field of design, and will be trained to perform complex technical tasks.

Graphic design

Study direction of Graphic Design prepares students to solve design problems related to different types of printing products. You will gain the knowledge, abilities and skills that will allow you to help with various design methods approaches of each communication problem.

Fashion design

Knowledge and skills that outcomes from the study, the direction of Fashion Design, are trained students to work in the design studios of textile and clothing companies in the fashion studios, theaters, the film industry, television, museums and secondary schools and other places where you need a thorough knowledge and understanding of fashion trends, artistic sensibility and breadth of humanistic education. Breadth of its artistic education is qualified to express creativity developed during the study and evaluation of visual design of the product. Professional education in design allows you to perceive the global fashion trends; a significant proportion of courses in the humanistic and economic disciplines in some modules, allows you to work on the promotion of fashion in all the media.

Interior design

Knowledge and skills that outcomes from Study direction of Interior design, are students trained to work in the design studios, who will become experts in the educational process to learn to adjust the desired space conditions within the client's budget, whether it's about life or business premises.

Successful interior designer must be able to choose a design style, responsibly dispose of the given budget, to be open to new ideas, communicate effectively, and quickly perform the quality idea. Many elements need to unite, such as an organized and pleasant as a whole a beautifully designed space. Ability to lead such a process is the art of designers, where you show your aesthetic abilities that largely determine the success of the project in visual terms

Acquired title after graduation

After completing undergraduate studies, which lasts for three academic years (6 semesters), upon graduation, graduate acquires a total of 180 ECTS credits and a title: Bachelor of Design.

After completing undergraduate studies, which lasts four academic years (8 semesters), upon graduation, graduate acquires a total of 240 ECTS credits and title: Bachelor of Design.

Technical names will be aligned with the professional titles after his passing.