About us

"Logos centar" College in Mostar was founded by Grupa Centar companies that have achieved outstanding success in education, as a modern institution of higher learning that will educate professionals on research programs that include substantial theoretical and applied knowledge, including practice in the relevant working environments for study programs: Traffic, Security studies and Business Economics, Design, Energetic and Safety at Work and Fire Protection.

At this institution of higher education through the acquisition of knowledge in a demanding, but also an interesting and exciting way, the creative enthusiasm that permeates the students and teachers, offers them personal and social values in order to academic excellence and socially responsible activities to develop competency skills, entrepreneurship and professionalism.

"Logos centar" College Mostar is an innovative, entrepreneurial and dynamic higher education institution, which establishes new rules, a new paradigm, and a new concept of modern higher education in BiH for generations, to reflect on their entrepreneurial life and business career. Thus organized a modern and flexible study with teaching plans and programs do not suffer classical quality, but provides that every individual has the opportunity to unleash their creative and innovative potential, in a way that they recognize their business opportunity and take advantage of it.

Our task is to conduct the education of the highest class, and so establish as a education center for the most responsible job which one can accept, and that is to accept the responsibility for the education of coming generations, so as to create new value in the labor market, applicable to business practices in relation to others who do not want or do not know, and in accordance with this we act extremely conscientious and responsible.