Belgrade summer school 2016 - learning languages!

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Published on 29.3.2016. u 11:39h

Belgrade Summer School is an event gathering students and young people from the Serbian Diaspora and the whole world around, with the aim of getting to know Belgrade and Serbia, places of great cultural and historical heritage, as well as enhancing communicational skills in one of the10 languages we offer. 

Programmes are divided by age groups , speaking several languages, English being among them, is an absolute must. BSS courses are designed in such a way that enables participants to use their acquired linguistic knowledge right away in everyday communication.

BSS student (18-28 age, no stict limit) - English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Serbian.

BSS Professional (28-35, no strict limit) - English for Business, English for Commerce, English for Tourism, Foundation English Language SKills Assessment, English Language Skills Assessment, Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English etc.

BSS is held between 4-30 July 2016. 

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