The invitation for the workshop "Communication in Crisis"

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Published on 18.4.2016. u 13:12h

We invite you to a workshop that will be held in:

SARAJEVO, 13.05.2016.
BANJA LUKA, 14.05.2016.


What to do when we fall into a crisis situation? 

How to respond and  calm the situation? 

How to treat damaged in a crisis situation? 

How to handle the media and the online community?

How to make a crisis management plan and communication plan in a crisis situation?

Custom crisis communication plays a major role in the maintenance of business success and maintaining the image. Successfully communicated crisis is reflected in the long run, through problem solving or even by turning the crisis to your advantage.

The number of participants at the workshop is limited and please reserve your place on time!


Each participant at the conclusion of the workshop will receive a certificate.

For the program and registration with the details and issues, refer to the website:

For latest information follow the Facebook page


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