The yearbook of the Association of Herzegovinian art historians was presented

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Published on 19.12.2016. u 10:10h

On Thursday, 15.12.2016. g., in the large gallery of HD Herceg Stjepan Kosača  the round table on work and activities of the Association of Herzegovinian Art Historians (DPUmH) was opened. The association was founded two years ago and on this occasion it presented its activities through the promotion of the Yearbook, first issued, and with a short review of important cooperation,  the importance of the profession and the future work of the Association was emphasized.

DPUmH is profiled through various public activities, such as artistic performances, organization of public debates on specific topics relating to culture and cultural heritage, cooperation with museums from BiH, Croatia and Serbia, as well as organizing exhibitions whose curators  are members of the association,  and also the expert guidance for group visits. Also, in this Yearbook  the art work and interview with the student Bruno Bijakšić from College Logos Center, Design department, were presented.

One of the founders of  DPUmH and the author of several contributions for the first issued Yearbook DPUmH is an art historian and lecturer from college Logos Center, mr. Maja Gagro. Several members of the Association, including our colleague Gagro, are currently working on the project "Reconstruction and deconstruction" whose completion is expected by the end of February 2017.  It is anticipated that the project will be presented to the public through an exhibition of photographs with additional legends about the origin, construction, reconstruction/ deconstruction, restoration, revitalization and interpolation structures in the last 25 years (after the Dayton Agreement till today).



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