Project of Bruno Bijakšić, design student from Logos Center , was accepted for the reconstruction...

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Published on 19.8.2017. u 14:47h

Project of Bruno Bijakšić, design student from college "Logos Center ", was accepted for the reconstruction of the" Club  Kosta "in OKC Abrašević in Mostar 

OKC Abrašević for many years has been representing a center where young people meet, in which artistic performance take place, and thus  different kinds of art are combined, and depicted to the audience.

Due to the deterioration of the overall structure, to its damage in the war devastation and desire for refreshment of the area, the idea for renovation of "Club Kosta" was formed, which is also the headquarters of the entire building.

On this occasion a  design student from college Logos Center, Bruno Bijakšić, was engaged. He reveals us details of the project and cooperation with the college professor  Vanesa Prodanović.

In collaboration with professor Vanesa Prodanović we dealt with the problem of public space, and I chose OKC Abrašević focusing on its most vital part - the "Club Kosta". With the aim of improving the environment in which young people live, and all this without knowing that they are in the process of finding a new conceptual solution.

Selecting OKC was very simple for me, but the task was not easy, and in that I was convinced  when I began my research. This is a center that exists and lives for over 90 years and given its history, what it  is today and where it is going towards, it is a very complex matter and full of symbolism.

I wanted to pay tribute to past generations who created it, to pay tribute to the young people who have fought for taking back again their place in this city, those who continue to keep it alive and meaningful, and to Kosta by whom this place is named.

While I read the memoirs of Abrašević I came across a statement by an old member who calls it an organism that lives, and I experienced it so. Because this place really changes depending on the energy that prevails at a given time.

And so it is treated in this paper, as a living organism and the whole story was created around the idea that fit with my previous work.

We offered new appearance of the area and with it a whole new visual identity of OKC. Management of OKC eagerly accepted the solution and at the moment, work is underway and completion is expected by the end of the month. I am satisfied with final result, and  I hope that the contractors will do a good job.

I hereby thank professor Prodanović for bringing out the best of me and for the help she has given me in preparing the project.



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