Freshman orientation for the academic year 2017/2018

✓ Information Technology ✓ Business Economy ✓ Law and Finance ✓ Road Traffic ✓ Design ✓ Energetics ✓ Security ✓ Criminalistics
Published on 9.10.2017. u 11:48h

On Saturday, 07.10.2017., freshman orientation for first year students enrolled at college "Logos Center" in the academic 2017./2018. year was held, before a  full amphitheater.

Freshmen  were welcomed and introduced  to the basic structure of work at "Logos Center " by college professor and college director Lutvo Haznadarević.

Students were introduced with internal information system and explained  how to access some of the data and execute the forthcoming procedures in a contemporary electronic way.

They were invited to monitor activities at the international level - student exchange, practical training, study visits, summer schools, of  which they will be informed in detail in the annual Info days for international cooperation.

In the end, the heads of the study programs, by groups, informed students of certain programs, methods of study, qualifications they gain by graduating, demonstrated functioning of workshops, forensic Cabinet, shooting arena and others.




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