The ERASMUS experience: Logos student's story

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Published on 11.3.2022. u 14:54h

Traveling to foreign countries is always interesting, but the opportunity to spend a few months in another country, in another college provides another dimension and immensely enriches each individual.

We spent three months of study at the University of Žilina in Slovakia at the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics and the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications.

At the university, we were nicely hosted and helped to adapt to the new environment, and despite the pandemic, we spent a nice semester in Žilina, a real student city.

Due to the geographical position of Žilina, proximity to the borders of other countries, we had the opportunity during the exchange to travel a lot, we made new acquaintances, learned another language and customs.

Student exchange is one of the best experiences for every student. The opportunity to learn a foreign language and culture, meet other students from all over Europe and beyond, is really special. You will remember the new friendships and memories you gain forever.

We would like to thank College Logos Centre Mostar for providing us with such an experience and the coordinators at both institutions for assistance and counselling during their stay in Slovakia.


Ivan and Mate




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